Do you want to make a beautiful and unforgettable costume of your favourite character, to perform on stage or just to adorn our festival by your appearance? You came to the right place because here you can fill in the form to be accredited as a cosplayer.

The accreditation will allow you to become a participant of the entertainment program on the stage, to participate in the contest – Cosplay defile show, to receive a discount * on the entrance ticket and to get access to the dressing room, where you can get changed and leave your stuff.

If you have stage fright, or you just want to access the dressing room, you need to have permission, please put the appropriate notation in the “Comment” field. *

And remember that cosplayers make Equestria feel real and help to make our festival bright and memorable!

* the amount of discount depends on the level of your enthusiasm and desire to help the convention.

ATTENTION! Organisers are not liable for items simply left in the dressing room. You will be able to use service of storage for cosplayers’ stuff.

* on this type of application discount does not apply.