November 3th

  • LARP
  • Early pickup of your sponsor rewards

November 4th – Vega Convention Centre

Main Stage

  • Artists and animators panel
    During the artists and animators panel our guest artists and animators will talk about the nitty-gritty of their trade and share some of their secrets of their drawing and animating techniques, software used, and upcoming projects.
  • Sweetie Bot Project
    Friendship is Witchcraft has inspired many projects, but nothing as grand and ambitious as constructing a fully functional pony robot. Three years in the making already, the Russia’s own Sweetie Bot Project is on their 3rd prototype, ProtoPony3. And they are bringing Sweetie to Derp Fest! If you are a fan of electronics, robotics, or simply curious to look into the artificial eyes and ponder the intelligence within, then this is something you cannot miss. Besides presenting their work at a separate panel, Sweetie Bot Project will also have a table of their own, showcasing their other electronic contraptions.
  • SFM-Ponies International
    3D pony content in Source Filmmaker and the community around it. Our special guest, AeridicCore, who is one of the SFM-Ponies community heads, will talk about the differences between 2D and 3D animation as well as the creation of your own 3D pony model.
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Studio Hall

  • Absolutely Everything
    Books! Fallout: Equestria! Printing projects! These are the things the Russian brony community is crazy about whenever a convention comes by. And this time we are bringing a very special duo. All the way from the USA, we welcome the masterminds behind the Fallout: Equestria Printing Project a.k.a. Absolutely Everything!: zemming and yetanothername. With them they are bringing the masterfully printed Fallout: Equestria 3rd edition hardcover copy. Join them at their panel as they ramble about Fallout: Equestria and book printing.
  • Weirdfiction
    The hosts of Radio Everypony Ru are gathering again to roleplay the worst pony fanfiction the Russian Brony Community has to offer, and poke good fun at it. So dive into the wacky world of horrible fanfics with Radio Everypony Ru for plenty of laughs, chuckles and giggles!
  • History of domestic animals
    history from the point of view of domestic animals: From the initial taming of animals to how our pawed, hoofed, winged and scaly friends influence our life today, with great emphasis on the role of horses, and why all ponies are horses, but not all horses are ponies.

    The panel is lead by Morvaen, who has been educating Russian bronies on history and religious studies for the last 3 years via his lecture series on Radio Everypony Ru. If you are looking for something educational yet immensely fun, this is definitely the right place.


  • My Musical Pony
  • Cross-stitch
  • Crafting 101
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Drawing Alley

  • Art battle
  • Speed Painting
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November 5th – “ТеатрЪ” Club

Main stage

  • Talent Show
  • Cosplay Show
  • HMage
  • PonyMusic
  • Elias Frost
  • Velvet R. Wings & ILLUMNATION
  • Gryphon Rush

Studio Hall

  • My Little Karaoke