Main provisions:

  • By purchasing a ticket or getting an invitation to the festival (hereinafter DerpFest’17), you automatically accept rules that are valid for the entire duration and throughout the territory of DerpFest’17.
  • DerpFest’17 will be held on 4-5 November 2017 in Moscow,Russia
  • Event attendees and their personal items may be inspected by police or security service  for security purposes. In case of refusal to pass this procedure administration is entitled to deny access to the territory of DerpFest’17.
  • Organizing team reserves the right to restrict access to the event in accordance with the requirements of law enforcement services and police, listed in the law “About places of mass gatherings”, regardless of whether a ticket for  DerpFest’17.
  • Children under 14 years are admitted to the festival only if accompanied by parents. (In this case, the accompanying person must leave contact information).
  • Organizers are entitled to demand from any visitor or participant of DerpFest’17 documentation for proof of age (e.g. passport or driving license).
  • Visitors and participants of the festival agree that any photo and video, taken by photographs and operators of  DerpFest organizing team, may be used by organizers to promote the follow-up (placement on websites, social networks, in presentations, in printed advertising materials and media materials).
  • Organizers are not responsible for personal possessions of event visitors.
  • Use of the logo and any symbols of DerpFest’17 for commercial use (sale) is prohibited.

Permit system

  • At the entrance all guests and participants receive (and fix on the hand) special bracelet which must be worn until the end of DerpFest’17.
  • Bracelet must be worn visibly at all times at DerpFest venue.
  • Loss or removal of bracelet is punishable by removal from DerpFest’17.
  • Entrance bracelets  are non-transferable.

Food and beverages

  • At DerpFest visitor is able to pass with drinks in plastic bottles: drinking water up to 1.5 liters; soft drinks and juices to 1.0 liters. Carrying any other beverages and drinks in glass containers is prohibited.
  • Pass with any kind of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.
  • At DerpFest pass is allowed with chocolate, energy bars, cookies, candy and biscuit products in their original packaging, as well as fruits. Carrying any perishable food products with a strong smell, homemade food, and food from fast-food restaurants is strictly prohibited.
  • Organizers or our Security Service reserves the right to restrict access with some types of foods and beverages.

Information service and answers to questions during the festival

  • Information service will operate during the festival. If you have questions, feel free to contact our information service at their booth.
  • “Everyday” issues and questions relating to the navigation can be answered by volunteers. Distinctive features of volunteers are yellow armband and badge “Volunteer”.
  • Volunteers are not competent to make any comments about DerpFest’17 and any answers to organizational issues.
  • Organizational issues and comments man be addressed directly to organizers of DerpFest’17. Distinctive feature of organizers are red armband and badge “Organizer”.
  • You are able to contact organizers at our information service stand.


  • to violate the rules of fire and electrical safety and other rules for public premises; smoking outside designated areas.
  • littering or otherwise violation of public order.
  • photographing  in  office spaces (dressing room and administrative offices, corridors behind the scenes, etc.).
  • presence of pets (except for pre-agreed cases).
  • leaving children unsupervised.
  • to go on stage (for everyone except scene technicians, security staff, organizers, presenters and musicians at the time of their performances).