At Derp Fest we offer you multiple ticket options with various perks and goodies for you to pick. The table below reflects current prices for pre-ordering. Do note that prices will increase every month, so we recommend that you pre-order your tickets early.

Pre-ordered tickets can be redeemed at the registration desk on the first day of the convention (November 4th). We advise you to print your ticket receipts beforehand and bring them with you to make registration go as fast and smooth as possible.

Derp Fest tickets come in the form of wristbands and it is not possible to enter the premises without one. The wristbands are designed to be of one-time use only and should not be removed before the end of the convention, otherwise you will be removed from the venue and denied future access.

Remote tickets! All of the bonuses will be shipped to your address after the convention runs

Prices in euro are approximate ones and may differ due to exchange rate changes.

Badge Types







Convention entry
Personal badge
Fast-lane entry
Website mention
Glowing bracelet
Exclusive posters in a tube
Exclusive pin set
Luggage storage
Vinyl sticker set
Free lunch
Exclusive notebook
Discounted room in venue’s hotel
Wall calendar
Conbook mention
Exclusive T-Shirt
Exclusive scarf
Polaroid photo
Moon Drive figurine
Reserved front-row seats
Messenger bag
Thermal mug
VHS-style USB drive







*You can also pick up your sponsor rewards during pre-registration.