This year we’re going for something on an entirely new level: no more strange buildings you have to use a taxi to get to, no more narrow corridors and multiple panels hosted in one room! This time we rise! We rise above the system, above the compromise and above our own fears! We have risen from the ashes of the cancelled Derp Fest 2016 to soar even higher, and here’s what we were able to achieve:

This year’s Derp Fest is going to be held in the “Best Western Plus Vega Hotel and Congress Center”. It has enormous halls, spacious hallways, and a lot of medium-sized rooms for multiple community panels and workshops for you to enjoy. And, of course, the cherry on top of it all: a well-furnished main hall with a great stage for the most important events that can accommodate up to 9001 people at once!

So rejoice and use the map below to find your way.

Address: Moscow, Izmailovskoye sh., 71, 3B